Won First Prize in Science Exhibition for PADDY TRANSPLANTER

The students of Mechanical Engineering, Srinivas Institute of Technology Valachil, Mangaluru, won the first prize for the Agriculture- machine called “PADDY TRANSPLANTER” in the science Exhibition organised by “The Institute of Engineering (India)” 0n 15-09-2016. This machine developed by the Mechanical students , Puneeth Kumar Shetty B, A Shamith Hegde, Joyson Sanyo D’Souza under the guidance of M J Raghavendra, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering. This Paddy Transplanter has been developed for the transplantation of rice plants in paddy field and which works under the principle of 4- bar crank slider mechanism. This machine reduces the man power requirement and the time for the paddy field work. This work was appreciated by Dr. C.G Ramachandra, HOD, Mechanical- II shift and Marine Engineering, Dr. Thomas Pinto, HOD, Mechanical Engineering, Principal Dr. Shrinivasa Mayya D and President of A Shama Rao Foundation, C. A Raghavendra Rao, Vice Precedent Dr. Shrinivasa Rao.


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