In today’s world majority of the people are suffering from one type of disease or disorder etc. The medical world today faces two basic problems when it comes to patient monitoring. Firstly, the needs of health care provider’s presence near the bedside of the patient and secondly, the patient is restricted to bed and wired to large machines. Students of Srinivas Institute of Technology have developed Patient monitoring system which is named as PHYSIODROID in order to overcome the above cited problems. Patient monitoring systems are gaining their importance as the fast-growing global elderly population increases demands for caretaking. These systems use wireless technologies to transmit vital signs for medical evaluation.

The aim of the project is to provide a better health care to people from house in more economic and pertinent friendly manner. The need of home based health monitoring system is increased now days because health care cost is increasing exponentially in last few decades. In the proposed home based health monitoring system using android smart phone includes the aspects of acquisition of medical parameters like Body temperature, pulse rate and ECG. And the processed data is then displayed on doctor’s android mobile phones. The system is utilizing a low cost component to transmit data like ECG to physician for monitoring; diagnosis and patients care at significantly low cost, regardless of patient’s location.

This project is implemented by Preemal Helen Mascarenhas, Priyanka, Smrithi and Nireeksha of 8th semester Electronics and Communication Engineering under the guidance of Prof. RakeshMallya, Prof. Sathish Kumar K, Dean Dr. K.R. Kamath, HOD Prof. C. BheemaShastry and Principal Dr. ShrinivasaMayya D, has appreciated the achievements of the students. The President of A Shama Rao Foundation Sri CA A Raghavendra Rao and Vice President Dr. A Srinivas Rao congratulated and appreciated the student’s effort.

EC -Phisiodroid-21


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