Interdepartmental Fest Archiholics

Srinivas School of Architecture at Valachil inaugurated their interdepartmental fest – ‘Archiholics’. This fest which takes place every year in the winter semester serves as an ice breaker session for the freshers as well as a platform of learning. This year, eminent architect from Goa, Ar. Dean D’Cruz was invited to give the aspiring architects a talk on ‘Sustainable Practices’. Ar. D’Cruz emphasized using ‘Sensibility’ during the design process as well as execution. He encouraged the use of multipurpose spaces which serves an assortment of functions at varying times of day.

Besides this educational discourse, the fest also hosts various competitions like dress designing, caricature, mad-ads, treasure hunt, face painting, product design, clay modeling, spot sketching and variety entertainment.

The event concludes this evening with a talk from Ar. Sathyaprakash Varanashi from Bangalore, on Eco Friendly Architecture.

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