The TWO days hands on workshop on ELECTRICAL WIRING was conducted successfully on 22nd and 23rd Sep, 2016 by MR. SUNIL KUMAR S, Assistant Professor, Dept of E&EE, S.I.T, Valachil, Mangalore. He discussed about residential wiring as well as practical aspects of wiring.

On the first day of workshop, there was hands on wiring explanation using circuit diagram & wiring diagram of various connections like lamp control by one switch, 2-way switch & so on.

On the 2nd day of workshop he discussed about lighting points, fan points, power socket points, load sharing calculation, conduiting, types of conduiting and types of wires for different circuits. Students were given hands on wiring for lighting circuit and switch sockets, also for two way control of switches.

Also theory explanation about wiring design for residential building, Typical AC Power Supply system, Voltage levels, and knowledge about basic equipment required for wiring like MCB, CABLES and also some abbreviation used in electrical wiring.

Also there was discussion about load details for different equipment’s in Watts, and students were given some simple residential building wiring layout.

The two days hands on workshop were conducted successfully and gave complete details including design and practical aspects on Residential Wiring.







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