Dept of Nanotechnology organizes FRESHERS DAY CELEBRATION 2019 2020

FRESHER’S DAY, an event celebrated for the 2nd Year, 3rd Semester students of Nanotechnology every year, for this academic year 2019-2020 we celebrated Fresher’s day on 1st October, to welcome all the fresher’s and make them feel comfortable in the department. This event was conducted by the 3rd& 4th year students with a lot of planning, fun activities, welcome speeches and many more.

As few of the 3rd and 4th year students had been to internships, the Fresher’s Day was conducted in the month of October, a month after the reopening of college for the academic year 2019-2020. The Student’s Association of FALCONS had selected a few of the 3rdyear students particularly to plan this event, to make juniors happy and most importantly to feel comfortable with their seniors.

During stages of planning a lot of ideas were put up by most of the students and some by faculty. Initially the plan included inviting the Fresher’s for the event but later it was decided that it would be best if surprised.

The guests for the event included the Student Association Faculty Coordinator, Mr. Shareefraju J. Ukkund, and all the other faculty of Department of Nanotechnology. More than 4 activities were conducted which were fun. This was followed by a feedback speech given by 7th Sem. Nanotechnology Students, sharing some of the amazing experiences they had in the previous 3 years. Our department Faculty had also given speeches followed by the experience till date shared by the 2nd year students and what they expect in future.

Overall this Day, The Fresher’s Day 2019-2020 for the Dept. of Nanotechnology was a huge success with amazing amount of support from the HOD, the department staff, all the event organizers, Association members and all those present there. To complete this day, there was lots and lots of fun, a bit of seriousness and great amount of laughter.

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